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Can coconut oil help you lose weight?

The pulp inside a coconut is considered to be high in protein as per nutritionists, whereas the milk inside the coconut is light and very refreshing with a low sugar level, perfect for people suffering from diabetics. Besides being a South Pacific staple food, coconuts have other uses as well. Foodologists and scientists are not entirely sure where coconuts came from, and when, but they believe that coconuts are ancient trees that originated in the South Pacific. Several people consider coconut oil to be one of the most important products for weight loss. On the other hand, research into losing weight just by adding coconut oil in food meals appears inconsistent.

Health claims regarding the intake of coconut oil for weight loss tend to rely on the research of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils. Coconuts are a great source of naturally occurring MCTs, but coconut oil also contains a range of other types of fats. The MCTs present in coconut oil can help in the weight loss journey. On the other hand, the latest findings regarding the effects of coconut oil usage on weight loss are controversial. Several experts claim that consuming coconut oil to the diet can help promote weight loss. Though, these claims tend to rely on findings from research of MCTs and MCT oil. Though coconut oil contains MCTs, it is not the same as MCT oil. Coconut oil contains small quantities of MCTS, such as caprylic acid and capric acid. However, around 55 percent trusted source of the fat content in coconut oil is lauric acid. Some people believe lauric acid to be an MCT, but it essentially falls somewhere between a long-chain triglyceride (LCT) as well as an MCT.

The MCTs present in coconut oil can help in weight management by increasing the body’s metabolism and enhancing satiety. The word satiety refers to the feeling of fullness that occurs after consuming a full meal. Satiety is vital in weight loss as it prevents people from eating again until they feel hungry. Eating high-fat foods is likely to contribute to higher levels of satiety. The research suggests that merely eating coconut oil will not result in drastic weight loss. However, this should not discourage people from consuming coconut oil.


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