Study suggests blueberries might be the key to controlling diabetes

Diabetes is the most common and serious lifestyle condition that has affected a sizeable population across the world. Excess weight gain, stress, and sedentary daily life are some of the significant factors that lead to diabetes. A bigger challenging is that diabetes is usually incurable, so it can only be managed by following a balanced and healthy diet. While some foods can negatively affect the diagnosis, some can benefit you as well as supports to manage your health condition in a better manner. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds can all come in handy to monitor the blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Fortunately, several of these natural aids are accessible easily.

If you go looking, there are several ayurvedic and natural supplements that can help you in times of trouble, and one of the best amongst them is blueberry. They are also called black plums, and this fruit is known to be nutrient-rich as well as full of phytochemicals, while the usage of the same is compulsory for every healthy eater. As per the research, it is super useful for those who have diabetes. It’s not just the fruit, but even the seeds present inside it can be extremely effective home remedies to manage and control blood sugar levels. As per the research, blueberries seeds contain a beneficial substance called jambosine and jamboline, both of which are very potent and have several healing therapeutic properties. Both the phytochemicals help slow down the secretion of blood sugar and increase the generation of insulin in the body, which usually gets compromised when the body is battling diabetes.

Apart from this, the seeds also contain high amounts of dietary fiber in them, which helps regularize the immune system, and at the same time, it also helps to detoxify the body of the negative radicals. These works in enhancing the functioning of the immune system and efficiently counter the other side effects which come along with a diabetes analysis. Studies have also found that Blueberries seeds contain alkaloids chemicals, which help to inhibit the breakdown of starch into sugar and keep diabetes in check.


Liam Turdue

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