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AkzoNobel launches three new digital tools

AkzoNobel has introduced three new digital tools for industrial applications for customers who are dependent on accurate and effortless color matching and retrieval systems. The newly introduced tools are compatible with the Salcomix system, which is an on-site facility that gives customers on-demand paint mixing services with superior color accuracy. The tools include Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud that offers remote access to over 600,000 color formulations, the high-end Automatchic Vision measuring device, and the color-matching system, ColorFinder, which works through a dedicated app.

The already well-established Salcomix has been designed for small and medium batch sizes and various industrial applications such as for agriculture, construction, and earth-moving machinery and equipment. Daniela Vlad, Managing Director, Powder Coatings, AkzoNobel, commented that the new digital tools would help improve the accuracy and efficacy of the operations undertaken by their customers. Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud is based on an existing web-based solution employed by other AkzoNobel businesses. It is accessible from anywhere and allows immediate uploading and access to the color formulations. Automatchic Vision is a hand-held device that promises the highest standards of accurate color matching and is designed explicitly for creating unique colors for designer furniture, lamps, vases, architectural facades, and any other application that demands high design standards. The ColorFinder system is a relatively smaller, hand-held device that scans colors wirelessly via Bluetooth and pairs with an iOS or Android device, enabling users to find the correct color match instantly.

Tomasz Kluczewski, Regional Commercial Director, Powder Coatings, North Europe, stressed on the great features of Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud, which are that it is fast, needs no local installation of software and is continuously updated. Therefore, in minutes of developing a new color formula in one product line, it can become globally available for nearly 19 different Salcomix product lines. The Salcomix range includes easy-to-apply topcoats and primers backed by an array of technologies for different substrates, such as aluminum, steel, zinc, and plastics. The initial launch in Europe is underway.


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