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Toray Develops New Pps Resin

Toray Industries, Inc. has created a new polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin with the world’s highest flexibility level of 1,200 MPa or less in elastic modulus. The new PPS resin promises a mechanical strength that does not deteriorate even after a thousand hours of treatment at a temperature of 170℃. The resin also claims to have superior resistance against acids and vehicle coolants.

The company is marketing the resin with applications primarily in automobiles this year and plans to expand its applications to other industries later. The company has also been pushing the verification of processability and aims to deploy the product for automobile piping application and optimization of resin property. It is expected to enable the use of resin for reducing the number of parts used and simplify the process of automobile piping. Toray has also begun prepping for a production system for the resin with the goal of full-scale promotion of the material. Toray Industries has announced its plans to sell a limited quantity of ultra-fine fiber Toraysee Reversible Cloth at opticians’ and Toray outlets in Japan starting this April. It has coated the latest trending colors on the reverse side of the best-selling six colors of the Toraysee Color Cloth to create the Toraysee Reversible Cloth. The cloth is also available in black/dark grey, a first in the Color Cloth series.

Chūō, Tokyo-based Toray specializes in textiles made from technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. The Toraysee series marks the occasion of its 32nd anniversary since it was launched as a high-tech cleaning cloth for spectacles made from 2-micron diameter microfibers nearly 1/1600 of hair and 100 percent polyester. The series has since then been used in a wide range of cleaning applications and has become a popular product in the market owing to the technological exclusivity it offers. The company is working to extend its Toraysee series to provide products for polishing and cleaning for everyday applications.


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