Tesla Increases Mileage To 370 Miles For Model S

Tesla announced that it has extended the range of its Model S to 370 miles and Model X to 325 miles on a single charge.  Its flagship car can now cover the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a full charge. The newly achieved mileage has surpassed Tesla’s earlier mile range after using the same 100 kWh battery pack. Both car models are now equipped with the latest drive unit technology. With a combination of silicon carbide power electronics, optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, cooling, superior lubrication, bearings, and gear designs the new cars will accomplish over 90 percent efficiency. The company also introduces a new adaptive suspension system along with upgrades to its Ludicrous Mode. It will also offer faster charging on V2 and V3 Superchargers of 145 kW and 200 kW respectively and the increased functionality will cut the charging time required by nearly half. The V2 charger currently provides the maximum charge of 120 kW.

The company has obtained better performance times in both models by pairing a permanent magnet motor in the front with an induction motor and in the rear that has translated in a 10 percent better range. This alteration also gives bidirectional performance advantages as energy flows out of the battery when accelerated and back into it owing to regenerative braking. The new models also minimize drag by building the system’s ability to level, which keeps the car lower to the ground. Customers who wish to purchase any of the new Tesla models will be offered the Ludicrous Mode without any additional cost that is otherwise priced at $20,000. The company announced that they would grant the feature for free to thank Tesla owners who have played a role in advancing their mission.

The new adaptive suspension system is also resulting in increased performance. The suspension software includes algorithms that can foretell how to adjust damping judging by the speed, road conditions, driver inputs and data gathered from vehicle-to-vehicle communications.


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