Teraplast Announces Recycling Business

TeraPlast, the plastics company, has announced a new segment dedicated to spearheading vinyl plastic waste recycling in Romania. TeraPlast Recycling, the new business will collect, sort and recycle materials, as decided by the Bistrita-based company. This venture aims to promote PVC recycling in the region to get it up to speed with the other EU countries in recycling plastics waste. Last year, the building products and materials company had invested over 3 million dollars for the installation of 12,000tpa panels, vinyl pipe and recycling plants for industrial and post-consumer waste. The company had installed the recycling plant, after the completion of a two-year study of the international market and current technologies, The company also mentioned that it is being counted in the top 10 companies in Europe for its vinyl waste recycling activities, which has also given it a key position in Romania. Its entrance into the recycling sector will also be beneficial for its molding business.
TeraPlast has processed an average of 650 tons of rigid PVC in the last eight months with nearly half of it sourced from Romania while the rest have their origins in EU states viz. Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands among others. It claims that twenty percent of all rigid PVC waste is being recycled across Europe and last year, recycled vinyl amounted to nearly 480,000 tons. This move is a better alternative for the company, as it would save them the cost of transporting raw material from the Netherlands.
TeraPlast is hopeful that the new recycling business will encourage the Romanian government to order waste collection contractors to sell vinyl waste rather than discarding it in the landfills. The move is in keeping with the emerging trends of the plastics industry across the globe and is also indicative of the company’s sense of accountability to the Romanian society.

Liam Turdue

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